how to make liquid detergent for home and commercial use

The word baking soda has become more commonly used and has been around for more than ten years. I think many of you know, I will briefly explain the baking soda here. «Baking soda» is a thing of sodium bicarbonate, utilizing the characteristics of foaming when heated, it was used in the main component of the baking «baking powder» to be used in cooking and say in familiar things, it was used in the foaming ingredient of bath salts.

In this baking soda. Why is it so versatile as a detergent?how to make liquid detergent at home The same as soap (surfactant), it acts to float the oxidized dirt.
Abrasive effect (large particle) has a deodorant effect (to decompose oxidized objects)
Less environmental impact (food additives)

These four features are the features that baking soda is useful as an eco-detergent commercial.
How to make «baking soda water»Baking soda is relatively hard to dissolve in water, so it is hard to dissolve it when it is cold water. So let’s use lukewarm water. 40 ℃ is fine around here.
The basic amount is 1 teaspoon in 100ml.Clothes Washing Soap Bar

The spray for detergent is often 500ml and has a small spoon or two tablespoons. You don’t have to be so nervous. It is ok roughly. However, the relatively important thing here is to mix well.
Because the baking soda is comparatively large, the particle is often clogged to the outlet of the sprayer as introduced just before because it does not melt easily.
The cause is likely not to dissolve well. Once it is jammed, the head of the sprayer may be turned into boiling water and then returned to the original rinse. how to make detergent at home

Since baking soda water has the same function as alkaline detergents and surfactants, it is most suitable for the oxidation of dirt such as oil stains, sebum stains, and soap scum.
How to make baking soda cream

So, are all the cleaning pros using baking soda? And that is no. Because the reaction to the stain is very mild, the spot where the professional works can compete with the cleaning ability of the baking soda, and it often uses the business detergent not sold in general.

However, it is also true that the recent environmental problems and the burden of workers have shifted to various eco-detergents gradually.. Oops, that was the story.uses of liquid detergent Here, I will introduce a device to increase the cleaning power in addition to a person’s effort to baking soda.

how to make laundry detergent at home

The recipe is simple. I beaten baking soda with less water and just cream it. Even if baking soda is used as a polishing agent, it is difficult to adhere to the material when it remains powder, so that it beaten with a small amount of water and stick it to the part with the dirt. After that, by rubbing it firmly with a sponge, it will scrape away the hard dirt.
The particles of baking soda are larger than the cleanser, etc., but since the particles themselves are not so hard, it is safe to scratch the material.commercial detergent

Laundry Detergents

Check your pockets.Of course, the sand and the dust which enters the seam of the pocket are paid by the old toothbrush.The dirty dirt is pre-washed.I see the explanation that it is necessary to wash the whole before the soap washing well, but the whole washing is not necessary for a usual dirt. Just like a diaper, oil-covered work clothes, a muddy workout.

the whole of the dirt is soaked in water and washed. The worst thing about oil stains is that it is easy to get dirty when you use a self-washing soda. The worst laundry detergent thing about mud stains is that it is better to pre-wash with soap liquid.Partial washing

make your own washing powder

The collar, cuffs, pants hem, pocket mouth, sock bottoms, etc. are partially soiled with soap. The spot with the stain is the same.homemade washing powder Wet and rub the solid soap, or spray the liquid soap, and leave the down. It is also a good idea to spray the self-made soda in the dirt of the collar and cuffs.where to put powder detergent in washing machine,Easy to take and perishable things are put in the laundry net.

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Dissolve soap at low water level Note Water temperature Because the washing power becomes conspicuous when the water temperature becomes lower than 20 ℃, it makes use of the remaining hot water of the bath, and the cold time of water uses hot water, and, let’s devise it. The optimal temperature varies depending on the material of the clothing, but generally it is about 30 ℃.

how do enzymes work in washing powder ,laundry detergent

The amount of the soap is adjusted according to the type, the condition, and the water quality of the dirt as a standard usage measure. what do enzymes do in laundry detergent,If you add more liquid soap later, increase the amount of powder soap you put in the introduction so that you don’t have to add it later. It is good to put a lot of powder soap only for the amount of the liquid soap added in the previous washing. (as a guideline, it is good to replace the liquid soap 50ml with a powder soap 25g).where to put detergent in washing machine Dissolve powder soap at low water level

which laundry detergent

Put water to the low water level, and put it in mind so that the powder soap does not become a lump. It is easy to use a powder soap net and melt it a little at a time when I put a powder soap. When the eyes of the net are fine, it melts by the hand. It is possible to put the powder soap while putting water without using the net, to rummage by the hand, and to stir with the basin and to melt.

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When the soap is put in, the washing machine is driven for 3-5 minutes at a low water level (adjust the time by the washing machine’s stirring force) and completely melts it. (Photos 1-4)In case of liquid soap

where to put laundry detergent in washing machine The same is true for liquid soaps, but if alkaline aids are not included, dissolve the carbonate or the self-carbonated soda at the same time. Otherwise, substitute sodium bicarbonate (oxygen-based bleaching agent).

where to put laundry detergent

The type and aroma that can be called liquid detergent✓ type of softener, like the one that dirt falls on is good because there are several characteristics, it tries in several ways. I have fun, when the liquid detergent is put in the washing machine, do you know how to put it right?

First, how do I use liquid detergent? and I was wondering why I’d like to introduce liquid detergent this time. What is the difference between a liquid detergent and a powder detergent? There are several types of liquid detergents.

What is the difference with powdered detergent? The benefits of liquid detergents are: they are easy to dissolve in water and do not contain detergent slag. It can also add fragrance and softener, so it is more functional than powdered detergent, the number of rinses is fine. This way the liquid detergent is a powder detergent could not get a lot of more popular features than the powder detergents seem to have a background.

However, there is a merit to powder detergent, it is more likely to be cleaner than liquid detergent. For example, I have a son who always gets his clothes dirty. It is not a liquid detergent, but a powder detergent that shows the amount of detergent to be used at any given time.
Of course, there is one such thing that the washing power is high in liquid detergent,
If you have porous laundry stains, you can use powdered detergent. Is it okay if I don’t have to put the liquid detergent in the electric washer.

It is important not to make any mistakes in the way liquid detergent is applied.And that’s why if the liquid detergent is not placed correctly in the washing machine, there is a possibility of discoloration and bleaching of the clothes. The «liquid detergent inlet» part of the washing machine is filled with the amount corresponding to the amount of water to be used, when I put a liquid detergent in the liquid detergent inlet and wash it from the pipe connected to the bottom of the washing tank.
Liquid detergent is poured in.

Recently, the washing machine has been saving water, because I wash with the amount of water up to about half of the washing tank if you put a liquid detergent directly into the laundry,
The liquid detergent does not dissolve well and is left behind.

To ensure that the liquid detergent does not melt
It is OK if the liquid detergent is placed from the «liquid detergent inlet». However, if you are using a model that does not have a «liquid detergent inlet» installed, how is the liquid detergent placed?

where to put the detergent in the washing machine watch the video

The washer does not have a liquid detergent inlet and When using liquid detergent After water has entered the wash tank, be sure to put the liquid detergent evenly in the wash tank. In addition, the washing machine with liquid detergent inlet You can put it in the wash tank directly if this method.

homemade laundry detergent powder

Laundry Soap

  • Here we introduce the washing method which maximizes the cleaning power of the soap. The finish is very different by putting eyes, putting the hand, and giving attention a little.Even in a two-tank washer or in a fully automatic washing machine, it is important to pay attention to the standing condition of the foam through the laundry.The Master of Soap washing (master of soap washing-washing machine is good

The one who controls the bubble will win the washing.If you wash it in this way, it is enough to wash it easily with the soda and carbonates two or three times. If you grasp the knack and wear it, you will surely enjoy the daily washing.

  1. Sort the clothes you want to wash and guess the weight,The one to wash, to separate the washing colors, etc., and to put the one washing at a time in the washing machine, the weight is guessed. It becomes understood by the rule of thumb when becoming accustomed, but let’s measure it properly by using the body weight meter.

The washing weight and volume of water are displayed on the back of the washing machine’s lid. Because the washing weight shown is the weight determined using the washing material of the regulations in the washing performance test of JIS, the actual washing is suitable for 7-80% of the washing weight of the display.In the case of a fully automatic washing machine, the amount of the washing thing soaked in water, and moving without impossibility is an aim. In the case of a two-tank washing machine, the ratio of the weight of the water and the laundry is about 25:1, and the washing thing swims in water is an aim. In both cases, if you put too much, you cannot wash well.

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Unlike soap, it is not necessary to put a lot of foam in the case of a synthetic detergent because it does not become a guide of the amount necessary. Please use it to protect the standard usage.

In the case of soap and complex soaps, because the amount of foam is required, it is not necessary to reduce it excessively, but it is possible to reduce the amount of use by thoroughly whipping the synthetic detergent and washing it.of you want to reduce the amount of standard usage, please try various things while looking at the appearance of washing up.

Homemade Laundry Soap

Make your own laundry detergent

It was non-toxic, biodegradable, and the person was compelled to wash until one-time disposable socks appeared. It was a hard job. It was a time consuming task and consumed a lot of resources.
However, if you make your own laundry detergent with a simple DIY project, you can dramatically reduce the cost of washing.It may sound very hard, but making a laundry detergent yourself has some meaning and is worth a try. Commercial cleaners are expensive. It doubles as gasoline to use it in large quantities. If you do it yourself, you will have a significant reduction in expenses. And, it is more environmentally friendly than a commercial detergent can make. With just a little time and material, these can be achieved.

make your own laundry detergent liquid

The main ingredients of homemade detergents are available at any department store. Water, soap, sand, soda. Soda is almost the same as baking soda, but there is no smell because it is processed so that basic is high. However, it is necessary to be careful to treat it because it burns when touching the skin, and wax peels off when spilling to the floor. It is greatly diluted at the stage made to the laundry detergent, and it is not harmful because it is neutralized, and there is no worry to damage clothes either. The sand is a natural laundry accelerator that has been used for more than 4,000 years to remove stains and odors from textiles. The sand cleans the laundry in the same way as detergents such as clean, which translates the surrounding chemicals into hydrogen peroxide water.

1. Decide whether to make liquid detergent or powder detergent.
Liquid detergent is easy to customize. Add essential oils to make your favorite fragrance. The powder detergent is easy to make because it does not use the fire. It is easy to store because it is put in the box without needing the container for the liquid.

2. Collect and mix ingredients.

How to make powder detergent:
– 2 cups of finely powdered soap (any brand of soap, but not very fragrant)
– 1 cup soda carbonate
– One cup of sand

The mixer is convenient for the soap to be powdered. The person who has confidence in brute force may be a grater. These materials are mixed together to keep them in boxes. It lasts longer when put in a sealed container. Two tablespoons of the amount to be used for washing one time.

How to make liquid detergent:

– 2 cups of soap
– 2 cups of carbonated soda
– 2 cups of sand

Boil one liter of water and dissolve it completely by putting soap. Move it into a large container such as a bucket and mix it well until melted by adding sand and carbonated soda. Add 8 liters of water and mix well. Cool the solution and hang a few drops of essential oils of your favorite fragrance. This liquid detergent becomes gel-like, so stir well before use. The amount used for one washing is 1/4 cups.

There is no such thing as a homemade laundry detergent that can save money and protect the environment. The ingredients are easy to get and easy to make. Let’s wash it fast.

Soaps And Detergents

Recommended laundry soap Popular ranking 9 «Laundry soap» is becoming more and more popular through word of mouth. It is popular with people who are sensitive to skin and who consider the Earth environment. However, there are three types of washing soap: liquid, powder, and solid, and there are some famous products such as «Miyoshi soap», «Utamaro washing soap», and «bubble boulder», and there are not a few who do not know which one to choose.

soaps and detergents class 10

So this time, I will introduce the recommended products from among the laundry soap that can be purchased by mail order in the ranking form! I introduce it by the type of liquid, the powder, and the solid, and I am sure to find the washing soap which suits me. The creators who introduce recommended love supplies

Since my parents ‘ house was also a cleaning shop, when I was helping with the laundry from a small time, I became a professional of the washing, and researched a method that I can make the washing more easily to a stoic every day.What is laundry soap?

soaps and detergents chemistry

Laundry soap is a laundry soap that has no synthetic ingredients or contains only a little. It is a characteristic that is gentle to the skin and the environment. Therefore, it is popular with people who have trouble with skin and who are interested in natural environment protection. In addition, it is a nice point to wash softly softly even if you do not use a softener.

There are three types of liquids, powders, and solids, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. It is also recommended that you properly adjust the condition of the skin and the dirt of the laundry.

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